Robin Beatch

Sex and Relationship Coach



Friendly to all genders, orientations, backgrounds, dynamics, disabilities

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About me


I am an international sex educator, having taught for universities, conferences, and various organizations on the topics such as sexual health and research, sex and body positivity, LGBTQIA2S+, BDSM, and Ethical Non-Monogamy. Much of my current focus is working with other doctors, therapists, work places, and medical schools in improving care and curriculums to be more knowlegable on human sexuality, including alternative sexualities. I have a medical background in nursing, with both my education and work experience being specialized in psychology. My experience in the sex and adult industry includes years of working as a stripper and pro domme. It was through this work that I discovered many of my clients desired and required connection and care to help them embrace and work through various sexual needs and issues. I am a former Vice President of MVK (Metro Vancouver Kink) and creator of the queer and trans event known as The Rainbow Connection.